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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I find the best student accommodation in Plymouth?

Here are at Bryce Properties, we own and manage our own student accommodation. We pride ourselves in continual development and upkeep of our student properties. We have a small team who have been involved in property for many years. Rather a lot of years for some of us! Our aim is to provide the best possible service to complement our great range of properties.

But the question “How do I find the best student accommodation in Plymouth” remains to be answered.

You need look no further than this website! We have one-bedroom student homes through to a ten-bedroom student house on North Road East. As a futher example, we have 20 two-bedroom student properties to choose from.

Browse the list of properties either using the buttons at the top of the page or the MENU top left of the page on mobile devices. From there choose what size property you are looking for (say three bedroom student accommodation) and look at each that takes your fancy. Within each property you will find photos, information, pricing, features specific to that property. There are virtual tours on some of our student accommodation and additional information such as floor plans.

Who is the best landlord or letting agent for student properties in Plymouth?

Well, it’s us of course! Technically, we are not a letting agent since we run and manage our own student properties. Call us a landlord if you like.

We’ve been letting student rooms, flats and other student accommodation since the late 1990’s! Over the years we have learnt what’s best for students and while this needs tweaking each year (and especially since COVID-19), the fundamentals of creating great student accommodation are the same.

How can I book a student home in Plymouth for the academic year 2024-2025?

When you view a property on this website, you will see a small contact form labelled ‘Book this property’, like this:

Simply complete the form and click send. We will get back to you with the next steps.

What is Private Student Accommodation?

Private Student Accommodation is essentially any rented accommodation specifically let out to students by landlords or letting agents. In other words, not Halls student accommodation. Different types of private student accommodation consist of shared houses and flats (or Houses of Multiple Occupation), Studios and Bedsits.

Bryce Properties is proud to rent out quality private student accommodation in the form of shared houses and student flats. We have even built new purpose-built blocks of private student accommodation. The two just off North Hill on Bedford Terrace and Armada Street, Plymouth.

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