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Here, you will find useful help pages covering a number of topics, from how to read a gas meter to finding your rent schedule, and from tips on how best to use a washer/dryer to what to do when your electrics ‘trip’.

How to’s and Useful Information

  • Reporting Maintenance (Essential)
  • Get the most from your combination washer/dryer (Useful)
  • How to read an electric, gas, or water meter (Useful)
  • Bin days and what goes into each type of bin (brown and green) (Essential)
  • How to find out about my rent payments: How much, and how to pay (Useful)
  • Antisocial behaviour (Essential)
  • Choosing the best, most practical, student home (Useful)
  • Keeping your home clean and tidy (with help from Active Cleaning) (Useful)
  • Securing good contents insurance (Essential)
  • Parking in and around the centre of Plymouth (Useful)
  • Local shops, hairdressers and other establishments (Useful)

Maintenance – Self Help

  • Smell Gas? (Important)
  • In case of an emergency (Useful)
  • No hot water or heating (Useful)
  • Showers draining slowly, or not at all (Essential)
  • What to do about Internet connection issues (Useful)
  • What causes the electrics to ‘trip’ and how to fix it (Useful)
  • Dealing with mould (Useful)

Further information

If you would like further information on any of the topics discussed, please do get in touch.

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