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Reporting Maintenance & Other Useful Information

First and foremost, please report all maintenance via the contact form on the Maintenance page.

When you report maintenance this way, the details come through to our maintenance teams’ email address. Not only that, the details are also visible to our office team. So, while the office team may not respond to you directly, they will be aware of your maintenance request.

It is important that you complete the maintenance form even if you have already told one of our team in another way (such as in person or text).


If you smell gas

This is really important. You should contact Wales and West urgently. Their phone number is 0800 111 999

Loss of electric

If you are experiencing a complete power cut in your property, please first check that this issue is with just your property, or whether other properties in the area are experiencing the same problem. If there are other properties in your street having the same problem, then the issue is likely with the electrical services to the street rather than a specific issue in your property. It is unlikely that our maintenance team can resolve this type of wider problem, but nevertheless please report it via the maintenance page.

What is the definition of a complete power cut? This is where all your plug sockets, lighting, and appliances have lost power.

If it appears to be a problem within your property only, then please contact the emergency mobile number you will have been provided. Check your emails for this.

If the problem appears to be just your sockets; for instance, all your downstairs plug sockets do not have power, it may be that the consumer unit (fuse box as they used to be called) switch for the sockets has ‘tripped’. This is where the switch has flicked down. In the image below, the switch is in the down position and the user is pushing the switch back up (which turns it on).

Oftentimes when a switch is tripped, it is caused by a faulty appliance, such as toaster or kettle. If the switch keeps tripping into the down position, then try unplugging completely (remove the plug from the wall socket completely, don’t just turn it off) any appliances such as toasters, kettles, microwaves. Do this one at a time so that you can work out which appliance is causing the issue.

In many cases, the consumer unit switches are labelled. In the image below, the user appears to switching up the ‘Immersion’ switch. If the problem is with plug sockets, then there will likely be a switch labelled ‘Sockets’.

Please also report any problem like this via the maintenance page on the website.

Water leaks

If you are experiencing a water leak such as from the roof of the building you live in or perhaps from a floor above you (maybe a shower room?), then please contact maintenance via the form below.

If the leak is serious, that is, water is pouring into your property, then please call the emergency number provided in your emails from our office.

Please also report any problem like this via the maintenance page on the website.


Many appliance issues can be resolved by our in-house maintenance team, so in the instance use the maintenance page to report the problem, providing thorough details. Depending on what the problem is, your request may be passed on immediately to our appliance engineers (SJ Domestics).


Combination washing machines and tumble dryers will have an indication as to how much weight they can reliably deal with. In the image below, it shows 6Kg + 4Kg, this means that it can wash up to 6Kg of washing, and 4Kg of drying.

Before your report an issue with your machine not drying properly, please check that you have not overloaded the machine according to its capabilities. Try a lighter/smaller wash and see this works okay.

The included PDF file provides more information. Any questions, do let us know!

Showers not draining

This is typically due to a clogged up plughole, and more often and not can be cleared by removing hair that may have got caught in the exit of the plughole. Try clearing this yourself but if the problem does not clear, then please do get in touch via the reporting maintenance page.

Internet or Wi-fi Issues

The old expression ‘turn it off and on again’ is often the answer where technical issues are concerned! This will include your own device, be it laptop or computer.

When trying to work out why the wi-fi in your property isn’t working you need to ascertain exactly what the problem is:

Is it just you? (Just your device, or devices?)

If it is, is it signal strength related? Try moving closer to the main wi-fi box or modem to test. Get in touch for further help.

Is everyone in your flat or house having problems?

Check the main wi-fi device or modem (see below for more information). Try rebooting the modem

Are you connected to wi-fi but have no Internet access?

This is often due to the main modem being offline, rather than an issue wit the wi-fi repeaters or extenders. Try rebooting the modem (not resetting)

Are you connected to the wi-fi but it’s terribly slow?

Sometimes the modems just need turning off and on again. If that doesn’t fix it, then the problem could be caused by too much going on in the network.

While the business connections we have are very good, they are not infallible. If everyone in the property is gaming or downloading constantly, this can affect speeds.

Otherwise, please let us know as we may need to reset the modem/network.

Does the wi-fi or Internet connection dropout suddenly?

This can be caused by weak wi-fi signal so check the signal strength. If the dropouts happen regardless of where you are in relation to the main modem, then get in touch.

A description of some of the Internet devices we have installed and their statuses

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Virgin Media Modems

Not all properties will see a Virgin Media Business modem (see image below). If you do, then the lights on the modem should be as indicated.

Note: Virgin Media modems can take a while to reboot, sometimes up to ten minutes to be fully operational.

TP-Link Deco (Mesh) devices

Deco Mesh devices are a cleverer version of a wi-fi extender/repeater in that each device can ‘talk’ to each other. This allows you to be able to move around a property without having to connect to several different wi-fi networks. Standard wi-fi extenders or repeaters would mean several different networks you would see and need to connect to.

Most Deco Mesh devices have a white light on the top to indicate that they are connected to the Internet.

If you see an orange light (which may pulse or flash) then the device is likely booting up after being restarted.

Where you see a flashing red light, the device is trying to find the Internet. This often happens shortly after booting up. The light should change from flashing red to a white light after a minute or two.

Where you see a steady red light, this normally means that the device has failed to find a connection to the Internet. Try restarting it (turning it off and on again) and see if that resolves the problem. If not, please let us know.

A flashing blue light means the device has been reset and is in set up mode. We will have to send someone out to you to reconnect it back on to the system.

How to read a gas, electric, or water meter

Gas Meters

Electric Meters

Water Meters

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